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Weekend A La Carte (3/30)

Man Is Fallen and Will Destroy the Earth - This article comes from far outside the Christian box, and this is exactly what makes it so interesting. The author, an environmentalist, realizes that secular humanism, which assumes the goodness of man, is contradicted by humanity’s treatment of the environment.

He Is a Kind Man - R.C. Sproul Jr. pens a tribute to his father. “While teaching through the fruit of the Spirit my father expressed how delighted he would be were those he leaves behind to choose, ‘He was a kind man’ for an epitaph. While it is certainly possible that such will come to pass, we pray in the distant future, I thought it might be wise to speak that truth here and now—my father is a kind man.”

Piper’s Final Weekend As a Pastor - This is John Piper’s final weekend as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church. David Mathis says “It’s the end of an era — the era of Piper as local-church pastor — but God willing, just the beginning of a new season of ministry. Justin Taylor writes his own tribute.

The Look - Bob Kauflin shares the story behind a song and then gives it away as a free download.

The Need for More Sound Books - Joel Beeke shares some wisdom from Thomas Manton. “There is no end of books, and yet we seem to need more every day. There was such a darkness brought in by the fall, as will not thoroughly be dispelled till we come to heaven; where the sun shineth without either cold or night. For the present, all should contribute their help according to the rate and measure of their abilities. Some hold up a candle, others a torch; but all are useful. The press is an excellent means to scatter knowledge, were it not so often abused.”

Five Gay Marriage Myths - Writing for Salvo, Robin Phillips offers five myths about gay marriage.

We have much more to receive, but God has no more to give than he has given in Jesus Christ. —John Stott

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