End Of An Era

Over the past two years I have been very fortunate to receive free hosting for two of my Web sites, Challies Dot Com as well as Websonix. Today I found out that I will no longer receive free hosting. The owners of the server have decided to no longer offer hosting and have asked me to move along as soon as I can. While it’s disappointing that my hosting will no longer be free, I can’t say I blame the people.

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So…I do have plenty of other hosting options available. I am not the least bit concerned with moving the site. What does concern me is the thought of moving Movabletype (the software that runs my blog) and phpBB (the software that runs the Forums to a new server. That could prove to be a terrible headache!

Now that I am going to be paying for hosting, perhaps I have reason enough to add a “tip jar” to my site! Nah. I can’t stand those things. I’ll only do that if I really need to…

So I guess I should warn that there may be some turbulence ahead as I attempt to seamlessly move this site to a whole new server…

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