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Congratulations to my little sister Susanna and her new fiance, Rick, as they got engaged just a few hours ago. Rumor has it they may be looking to get married as soon as this fall! Susanna is the middle one of my three sisters and, appropriately, the second to get engaged. Note to Susanna and Rick: I know I don’t really get a vote, but if you want my input, I’d recommend getting married in the Toronto area rather than making me drive all the way down to Atlanta.

In other, less exciting news, I found Wild at Heart on sale at my local Christian bookstore and decided to pick it up. I have had loads of people ask me if I have read it and after this weekend I hope to be able to finally answer “yes.” The back cover makes it sound almost identical to Six Battles Every Man Must Win so I will be interested to see the differences. I was certainly not impressed with the only other of Eldredge’s books I have read (The Sacred Romance) and hope this one is more theologically sound. I can’t deny I am a tad suspicious of it, but will try to be as open-minded as I can.

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