A La Carte (01/13)

Friday January 13, 2006

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Politics: Just days after California Lutheran High School expelled two girls for inappropriate conduct related to homosexual behavior, a Christian school outside of Atlanta is in a similar situation. RightFaith reports on a pending lawsuit.

Film: Reformation21 pointed the way to an article by Josh Day declaring the superiority of Narnia’s Jesus over that of The Passion. “The kingly lion Aslan, who portrays Christ in Narnia’s fantastical world of talking animals and mythological beasts, crushes Jim Caviezel’s scourged, beat-up, bleeding-like-Bruce Willis depiction of the New Testament messiah.”

Warren: Al Mohler takes a brief look at Warren’s comments about fundamentalism and says, “Well, This Doesn’t Help…Equating Christian fundamentalism with Muslim fundamentalism is both wrong and dishonest.”

Film Bonus: Jason Janz at Sharper Iron very thoroughly examines the role of gay activist Chad Allen in The End of the Spear. Be sure to read Steve Camp’s comment immediately below.