A La Carte (01/25)

Wednesday January 25, 2005

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Design: Mike Bryant (known in the forums around here as mikbry24) has a new blog which was designed by yours truly. Take a look deep inside the The Mind of Mike.

Blogging: Phil Johnson has now retired from blogging. Sort of. He has decided to begin a sort of group blog. As if one Centuri0n presence on the web isn’t enough! Still, at least we can still look forward to the occasional post from Phil.

Canadiana: Ian who blogs at Ruminations By The Lake reflects on the bittersweet results of the election here in Canada. “I do believe that God was gracious to us in allowing a party whose values reflect a Christian worldview more than the others to assume the helm in Ottawa.”

Review: Tom Ascol watched The End of the Spear and came away disappointed. “The acting was too noticeable throughout and the music score was too unrelenting in its intensity. I hate to be so negative in my comments, but I found the movie to be lacking in many of the qualities that makes a film worth seeing.”