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A La Carte (June 27)

A La Carte Thursday 1

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

Today’s Kindle deals include a guide to family worship and a book that answers one of those hard questions.

(Yesterday on the blog: What We Cannot Escape)

Definitions and Signs of Spiritual Abuse

Bob Kellemen has just completed a three-part series on spiritual abuse. It is well worth a read.

How Should Christians Resolve Conflicts in the Church? (Video)

Dr. Robert Plummer offers principles for Christians to consider as they attempt to endure or resolve conflict within the church.

What’s in a Name? (Psalm 8) 

Why do you have the name you do? Your parents could have chosen thousands of possible names but wanted the perfect name for you. Because there’s only one you, and nothing will identify you more than your name. (Sponsored)

The Principle of Capacity: Understanding Different Levels of Spiritual Growth

Phil Hunt wants Christians—and Christian leaders especially—to understand the principle of capacity. “If this principle is understood, the pastor or missionary will not despair when some believers fail to grow past the thirty-fold or sixty-fold point. Instead, they will be faithful in taking those believers as far as their capacity will allow and will learn to rejoice in the fruit borne, though it may not be especially plentiful.”

No Problem Is Too Small for Prayer

Stephen Witmer reminds you that no problem is too small for prayer. “Do you ever feel too small for God, as though your worries don’t deserve his attention? As though he has more important things to do than tend to that tricky relationship, those hidden regrets, that dwindling bank account? If you’re tempted to believe such lies…”

All of It, All at Once

Have you ever had an experience like this? “Every detail I saw was exquisite, yet none of them existed alone. Each one sang the praises of its Creator in its own unique way, and I wanted to hear every individual part, but as I sat on the bench for those few minutes I simply let myself be overwhelmed by the combination—the chorus of all creation, all around me, all together, all at once, declaring the wonders of God.”

On Blogging

T.M. Suffield offers some reflections on blogging in 2024. And, on a somewhat similar note, from a different site: Should You Start A Substack? (Three Pros and Cons).

Flashback: The Beauty of Duty

It is wise and good each morning to ask “What is my God-given duty in this day?” …The one who thinks in this way, the one who prays in this way, the one who lives in this way, will live a life of duty, a life of significance, a life of great delight. 

There are no closed countries. Only places where it’s more difficult to preach your second sermon.

—Mark Dever

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    What We Cannot Escape

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    The Most Dangerous Thing a Christian Can Do

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