A La Carte (02/06)

Monday February 6, 2006

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Superbowl: It wasn’t a bad Superbowl, as these things go. But I’ve got to say – that was the absolute worst rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” I have ever heard. I’d rather hear a pop starlet just sing it normally than have more artistic types take the liberties those folks did. It was terrible! If you want to know about the actual game, you can read Doug’s comments.

Review: LJ Smith, who blogs at “A New Creation in Christ,” is writing a multi-part review of John MacArthur’s Fool’s Gold.

Du Jour: And speaking of series, Al Mohler is also beginning a new series, this time focusing on “The Recovery of Authentic Worship.” “The very combination of the words “worship” and “war” should lead us to very sincere and sober biblical reflection. What is worship? And what does God desire that we should do in worship?”

Prayer: Josh Harris has a prayer request, asking that we pray for the safe and timely delivery of his third child.