A La Carte (02/08)

Wednesday February 8, 2006

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Weird: A British movie fan has asked permission to view The Chronicles of Narnia in the theatre while dressed in a wardrobe costume. As if the British aren’t already eccentric enough!

Discussion: In case you’ve lost track, there is some very interesting discussion happening in this post. I had no idea that a simple book review would cause so many people to say so much!

Technology: Justin Taylor mentions the latest bit of technology, the new EBook. I just don’t see myself curling up on the couch with one of these anytime soon. One of the best things about books compared to computers is the distinct lack of phosphors. It gets tiresome reading a screen after a while.

Du Jour: Amy is looking for help naming her child. Read more here. I like her rules and hold to a similar set myself!

Quote: “Daddy, God speaks to us through the Bible because He don’t got a mouth, right?” (Quote attributed to my three year-old daughter, a future cessationist).