Living The Cross Centered Life

There may be no greater honor for a minister of the Word than this: his ministry has become nearly synonymous with the cross of Jesus Christ. His ministry has led people to the cross not just once, but time and again as they have come to reflect on the deeper meaning of Jesus’ death. They have been led to see that “the cross is the blazing fire at which the flame of our love is kindled, but we have to get near enough for its sparks to fall on us.” Such has been the case with C.J. Mahaney. When I post a reflection on the cross it is not unusual for people to tell me or to comment on this site that they are now going to go and re-read The Cross Centered Life or listen to some of the cross-focused songs on the album Songs for the Cross Centered Life. His ministry is marked by a passion for leading people near enough to the cross that its sparks can fall on us.

I recently received an email from a person claiming to be a Christian, yet one who does not believe in Jesus. I was shocked. How could a person call himself by the name of Christ, yet not believe in Him? This person wanted to help me experience the power of God in my life, yet without Jesus Christ. That is impossible! Without the cross there is no Christianity. Without the cross we have no hope, no salvation. The cross stands at the very center of our faith and even at the very center of human history. We would be nothing without it.

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The focus of those who love the Lord should be constantly upon the cross. Living the Cross Centered Life combines two of Mahaney’s books (The Cross Centered Life and Christ Our Mediator) with new material. This book provides a passionate, biblical reflection upon the cross and encouragement for living a life that will be centered upon the gospel, for this is what we all need to regard as the main thing.

Mahaney delights in the cross. The reader will only be able to conclude that the cross is what motivates his life and his ministry. His enthusiasm, his desire, his love for the gospel message in infectious. Always focused on the truths of Scripture, Mahaney draws the reader back to the very center and focus of the Christian faith. The reader will be given much grounds for rejoicing and much grounds for deeper, prayerful reflection. The reader will be led near to the cross where he can experience the power of the Son of God. He will learn the need for the cross, the power of the cross and the wonderful benefits that have been extended to us because of the cross. He will learn why this cross stands at the center of our faith and why we must always hold it there.

And so I commend this book to you. If you have not yet read The Cross Centered Life this is your opportunity to read it blended with Christ Our Mediator. Mahaney recommends that each Christian read at least one book about the cross each year. This is your opportunity to read that book while the year is still young. Read it, learn the message and worship at the foot of the cross. Your life may never be the same.


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