A La Carte (02/13)

Monday February 13, 2006

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Design: Here’s a new site I’ve just rolled out. Sovereign Grace Family News Extra Online (trying saying that a few times quickly). I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.

Review: Al Mohler takes on Barna’s latest book, Revolution, in quite a thorough review. “As in the past, George Barna has served the church by describing and documenting trends that are shaping the culture and in revealing the superficiality and failings of all too many local congregations. Regrettably, his prescription is even worse than his diagnosis, for minimizing the importance of the local church runs directly counter to the Bible’s vision for the Christian life.”

Humor Maryanne is looking for ideas to get revenge on her inconsiderate neighbors who “decided to celebrate the Fourth of July on February 11th…at 2:19 am.”

Olymics: I think it’s safe to say that Rick is not enjoying the Olympics. He raises a couple of good points. Among them, this: “I am all for seeing the Americans compete, but it doesn’t mean much without the context of how the other athletes are doing.”