A La Carte (02/22)

Wednesday March 22, 2006

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Purpose: Ken reports on the latest Purpose Driven gimmick. “For only $3.99/month you can receive a short devotional thought from The Purpose Driven Life on your mobile phone daily.” Sign me up!

Emergent: Brian McLaren is at it again. “So for people who feel, for example, that the Westminster Confession perfectly contains Christian theology the kind of conversation we’re having is a waste of time. But for people who feel that the Westminster Confession arose at a certain time, addressed certain concerns of that time, then we have to be as faithful to our time as the framers of the confession were to their time.”

Education: Ubiquity by Espen Andersen outlining twelve reasons you should choose to study math in high school. It’s too late for me, but others may benefit from this!

Theology: Rick Phillips, over at Reformation21 has some good thoughts about martyrdom as a way of life. You may like to read some of the other recent posts at the blog as there are some good ones.