A La Carte (03/15)

Wednesday March 15, 2006

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Sports: C.J. Mahaney has some advice for parents (and fathers in particular) regarding teaching their children about sports and sportsmanship. “Playing sports holds great potential for growth in godliness for our sons, but only if we as fathers lead our sons theologically and strategically. I fear that all too often our sons devote significant time to playing sports with little growth in godliness.”

Humor: Al Mohler shoots back at Mahaney with some comments about the Devil. “I have been worried about C.J.’s obsession with Duke basketball…Maybe I have found the answer — fear of the Devil.”

Education: It seems that certain schools in Great Britain will be teaching Creationism as an alternative to Evolution. Now there’s a novel idea! “The subject has been included in a new syllabus for biology produced by the OCR exam board, due out in September.” BBC reports.

Theology: John Hendryx deals with the oft-repeated Arminian parable of the drowning man.