A La Carte (01/23)

Monday January 23, 2006

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Canadiana: Today Canadians head to the polls to elect a new federal government. Or, as is more likely, to re-elect the same government we’ve got now. Angry in the Great White North is the Canadian political blog I read most.

Technology: A Wired article points out that despite security vulnerabilities in operating systems and fast-spreading viruses, the backhoe is still the biggest potential danger to the internet.

Children: GirlTalk blog has an interesting article describing how C.J. Mahaney oversees his son’s devotional times. This could be very instructive for the parents of children or teenagers.

Du Jour: And while we’re on the subject of GirlTalk and C.J. Mahaney, Carolyn McCulley has a good post on Modesty in a Hypersexual World. She points to a message preached by C.J. which I listened to a while back. He says something that stuck with me. It went something like this: “Modesty is humility expressed in a person’s dress.”