A La Carte (04/03)

Monday April 3, 2006

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Du Jour: Dluxe’s world discusses, among other things, Purpose Driven Pets. “If we are imagining that our longing in heaven will be for Snoogums the Chihuahua, I think we have a problem.”

Family: Sovereign Grace’s Family News Extra Online reports on Capt. Hans Kirkman who is serving his family while serving in Iraq.

Family Bonus: My little sister shares big news by way of a photograph. This means that all three of the married Challies girls (two of my three sisters and my wife) are pregnant at the moment. My parents are awfully pleased.

Heroes: The families of many military reservists called up to active duty, in addition to being deprived of a husband/father or wife/mother, suffer the hardship of living on greatly-reduced incomes. The law reqires only that their jobs be kept open for them when they return. Snopes.com verifies reports that Sears is not only guaranteeing the jobs of its employees, but ismaking up the difference in their pay, as well.