A La Carte (04/12)

Wednesday April 12, 2006

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Music: Here is a song that, if you listen to it, will be playing in your head all day (whether you want it to or not…and you probably don’t).

Family: Dr. Mohler discusses a rather shocking new book. “When that discernment evaporates, desire is all that remains. When such a desire emerges, someone will move to exploit that desire in order to make a profit.”

Easter: J.D. Wetterling hits another home run with his post on Easter. “Listen carefully to the anguished excuses of Judas Iscariot–his last words before stubbornly dispatching himself to eternal damnation–and ask yourself, ‘How much of Judas is there in me?'”

Law: A student in a Kentucky Baptist university has been expelled for being gay. The Herald-Leader reports. “Johnson, a sophomore majoring in theater arts, was expelled from the university Thursday because he declared online that he is gay. In a statement released last week, the university’s president, Jim Taylor said students are held to a ‘higher standard’ and that ‘students know the rules before they come to this institution.'”