A La Carte (05/17)

Wednesday May 17, 2006

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Video: In case you missed Katie Couric’s interview with Joel Osteen on The Today Show (and you probably did), Keith has a link to it.

Film: “AgapePress” has a good article, written by Ed Vitagliano which reflects on the “End of the Spear” controversy. “Sadly, the result has been a blunted Spear, reducing the impact of the film, not only on many of the Christians who saw the movie, but also on those who refused to see it, and on unbelievers who observed the confusion.”

Audio: The panel discussions from the Together for the Gospel Conference are now available for purchase from the Sovereign Grace Store.

Humor: Did any of you attend the Together 4 Each Other Conference? One attender gives his post-conference report. Unfortunately, no one was invited to live-blog it. Maybe next year…