A La Carte (05/26)

Friday May 26, 2006

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Modesty: Toby has been writing about a touchy subject. “Well, summer is on it’s way, or perhaps it is here for some parts of the country. And along with the warmer weather comes an issue that has been of concern to me for some time. The issue is… MODESTY.”

Mailbag: Yesterday I received the following email: “Let’s beat the [removed] out of our kids–for Jesus! Yeah, that works. The highest divorce rate is in the Bible Belt. The highest incidence of child abuse and infanticide? Among fundamentalists of all stripes. You and Osama Bin Laden have more in common that you and Jesus. Who did Jesus beat? What country’s did Jesus attack. Shame on you! I hope there is a hell–it’s just for you wicked misguided monsters.”

Weird: Some crazy guy decided to impersonate a police officer. For kicks he pulls over a guy and attempts to charge him with speeding. Turns out he actually pulled over a real cop. Oops.

Conference: The New Attitude Conference begins this weekend. A team of livebloggers will be bringing updates. Check it out.