A La Carte (06/23)

Friday June 23, 2006

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Theology: The most recent issue of “Critical Issues Commentary” deals with the always-important topic of discernment, and in particular, the ability of the Christian to judge.

More Theology: John Hendryx of “Reformation Theology” (and, of course, Monergism.com) posts the always-contentious “Prayer of the Consistent Synergist.”

Politics: Canada’s Conservative government hopes to raise the age of consent. It is currently 14, but the Tories hope to increase it to sixteen (though there will be a “near-age exemption” for people who are within 5 years of each other). The law is intended to protect teens from predators. Canoe reports.

Technology: I’ve found the biggest page on the Internet. Considering its size, it is surprisingly fast-loading. You can see it here. If you decide to scroll across the page, it will take about seven times longer than the average human life span to scroll from one end to the other.