A La Carte (07/28)

Friday July 28, 2006

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Blog: Desiring God has begun a blog promoting the upcoming 2006 National Conference. You can visit it at natcon2006.wordpress.com/. The twofold purpose of the blog is: “To inform readers of news and information related to the conference and to introduce the speakers and subject matter of the conference prior to the event so that attendees can prepare their hearts and minds in anticipation of the event itself.”

Blogspotting: Hillbilly Calvinist began his new blog yesterday after reading my rational for blogging. “I will be surprised if I make it past two weeks. Since I only intend to post weekly, this kind of shows you my expectations.” At one post per week, he’ll break 1000 about twenty years from now…

Music: In his most recent Q&A Fridays column, Bob Kauflin addressed rap music, answering the concerns of a parent who says, “My hesitation is that the broader hip-hop culture is so foul and perverse that I am not sure I want to encourage my kids towards it.”