A La Carte (08/29)

Tuesday August 29, 2006

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Blogging: Randy writes about the Christian Law Association and their proposed rules for student websites. “Any student who decides to operate a personal online website or contributes to a blog must register the website/blog with the pastoral staff.”

Technology: Jon the Baptist links to an article showing that “TiVo is spreading the word to religious leaders about its parental controls.” Is this TiVo seeking to help pastors and parents? Or is this using the church for marketing purposes?

Race:This Lamp” shares a shocking story. “The ironically named Fellowship Baptist Church in Saltillo, Mississippi, held revival services. During those revival services, 12-year-old Joe, a boy of biracial descent ‘accepted Jesus into his heart.’ On August 6, at the church’s business meeting, the all-white congregation voted to exclude blacks from its services, including Joe because they did not want him to bring his family members to worship services.

Audio: Capitol Hill Baptist Church (home of Mark Dever) has begun a new podcast. If this is successful, they will also do a IX Marks podcast.