A La Carte (09/01)

Friday September 1, 2006

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Church: Paul writes about the value of a local church where God is (isn’t it considered wrong to end a sentence in “is?” Oh wait, I just did it.). “I am proposing that there may come a point in a Christian’s life where it is obvious ‘the Lord has left the building’ and it is time to find out with whom He is meeting so you can be there.”

Conferences: Anthony Carter looked at the list of Reformed conferences I compiled and noticed something. “The missing element is the presence of Reformed African-American preachers at these conferences.”

Quotes: Tony Reinke, who seems to have quite a library, suggests ways of “keeping your quotes in order.”

Blogging: “Boundless” recently interviewed Justin Taylor and Carolyn McCulley about blogging responsibly. Be sure to also read Bob Kauflin’s article “Blogging to Worship God.”