A La Carte (10/04)

Wednesday October 4, 2006

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Personal: Things are slowly returning to normal around here, so A La Carte is returning. Sorry that I was forced to miss a couple of days!

Review: “The Resurgence” has featured an excellent review of John and Stasi Eldredge’s “Captivating.” “The Eldredges seem to assume that if God does not need us, he does not really love us. But God’s love is more secure and provides more hope and stirs more obedience when it grows from his eternal, unchanging, loving character.”

Men: BBC News reports on the loss of two male Australian icons and the loss of men’s men. “Australian mates and good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags.”

Church: Churches in India are claiming a religious awakening based on a large number of miracles. Skeptics aren’t so sure. ” Bengal-based rationalist Prabir Ghosh dismisses the phenomenon as a ‘bogus attempt’ by the Church to draw converts.”