A La Carte (10/1)

An Interview with Keith Mathison
Burk Parsons has a really interesting two-part interview with Keith Mathison. You can check out the first part of it here.

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Faith Beyond Belief
This series of talks may be of interest to Calgarians. “The series is meant to challenge our thinking about the Christian faith and to equip Christians to be able to explain their faith more clearly to others. The talks are not a set of lectures on the newest evangelism techniques. Neither are they going to cover new projects that Christians can do to prove to our neighbours how much we love them.”

Miracle in Franklin
Z shares a great little video.

The Next Culture War
This NYT op-ed is worth the read. David Brooks writes about the morality of debt, both personal and national. “Our current cultural politics are organized by the obsolete culture war, which has put secular liberals on one side and religious conservatives on the other. But the slide in economic morality afflicted Red and Blue America equally. ”

The History of Browsers
This, a graphic showing the history of the web browser, may appeal to your inner geek.

Christians and Politics
David Porter is writing a series of posts taken from Dr. Wayne Grudem’s Sunday school class at Scottsdale Bible Church. “In this class, Dr. Grudem is taking us through his forthcoming book: Politics: According to the Bible.”