A La Carte (10/11)

It is Thanksgiving today. We enjoyed a day with the in-laws on Saturday, we enjoyed church services yesterday, and today we’ll enjoy just hanging out as a family (and eventually getting around to devouring some turkey). In the meantime, here’s some A La Carte for the rest of the world, since you don’t get the day off today.

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Canadianisms – Here’s a roundup of some Canadianisms you probably need to know if you want to communicate well with Canadians.

Another Bad Bedtime Story – A while back I linked to this blog for a really bad bedtime story he had transcribed. Here’s another bad one.

The New Best Way to Find Airline Deals – Mint.com has a short video telling you some of the ways you can find the best deals on flights.

Detox @ Monergism – Sexual Detox is now available at Monergism Books. So no excuses not to be buying a copy!

The Holiness of God – Interested in listening along with the upcoming Reading Classics Together? If so, ChristianAudio The Holiness of God on sale for just $2.98 (until the end of October). Use coupon code CHALLIES10 to take advantage of the offer.

Bippity Boppity Bacon – How bacon is made. Because you know you’ve been curious.

Nearly half the parables Jesus told have the use of money as their main subject. It is sometimes said that we should give until it hurts. But Jesus teaches that it should hurt when we cease to give! –Ian Barclay