A La Carte (10/21)

Expelled on DVD
Today Ben Stein’s Expelled releases on DVD.

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Jurassic Trailer Park
Jurassic Trailer Park is the strange name of a good article (and/or photo essay) by
Michael Yon. He writes about just one little experience in Afghanistan.

While on the subject of photo essays, here is a great one from the New Yorker.

Pastors Conference Begins Today
The Ligonier Ministries Pastors Conference begins today and you can watch it all live on the web…

From a hospital ship in the waters off the African coast comes an article from Ali who writes about Musa, a man who underwent an operation there.

Resurrection Letters: Volume II
Billy wants to introduce you to this album (which is a good one very much similar to Peterson’s previous albums).

John Piper’s Candidating Sermon
Desiring God has added the manuscript for John Piper’s Candidating Sermon at Bethlehem Baptist.

Has eBay Hit Its Twilight?
I sure hope so. Remember when it was actually worth shopping it?