A La Carte (10/28)

Where Do You Stand?
Randy Alcorn: “I’ve often been asked, Where do you stand on the Calvinism and Arminianism debate, and what resources do you recommend?” He goes on to describe what he believes and how he got there.

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Do You Pray?
“The following is a timely reminder adapted from an essay by J.C. Ryle, on the vital importance of this oft-neglected spiritual discipline.”

The Divorce Divide
Dr. Mohler writes about the brutal cost of no-fault divorce. “The availability of divorce without cause, so-called “no-fault” divorce, rendered every marriage less than it was before. Once impermanence became a mark of marriage in the law and in the culture, couples were required to muster a special level of marital commitment to remain married. Right before the nation’s eyes, divorce redefined marriage.”

The Death of the Book Review
This is an interesting essay from Fast Company. The author says that the book review (at least the professional book review) will soon be a thing of the past.

The Holiness of God
Man in the Mirror is offering an amazing deal on R.C. Sproul’s classic The Holiness of God if you agree to purchase one or more boxes of it.

Midweek Markdowns
There isn’t too much of value in this week’s Midweek Markdowns at CBD, but they do have Tim Keller’s (hardcover) The Prodigal God on sale for just $11.99.