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A La Carte (10/8)

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It is Thanksgiving weekend up here in the great white north. As you can see, we get Thanksgiving out of the way more than a month before our neighbors to the south. Though we celebrate in pretty much the same ways, we tend to do so with a little less enthusiasm. The official day we all get off is Monday and on that day I will have a guest blogger posting something I think you’ll enjoy. But first, the weekend.

Twitter, Facebook and Social Activism – Malcolm Gladwell has an interesting column here dealing with the false notion that online activism bears a real resemblance to real-world activism. It’s quite long, but worth the read.

Sexualizing Tragedy – And while we’re on the subject of social media, this column explains why a lot of women had odd Facebook status updates a few days ago and why it is a bad idea. “Many unsuspecting Facebook users have logged in this month to the harrowing news that their sister ‘likes it on the floor,’ their coworker ‘likes it on the kitchen table,’ and their mother, perhaps most disturbingly, ‘likes it anywhere, as long as its out of my hands.’ No, it’s not Facebook-hosted sexual liberation revival, but a campaign to promote breast cancer awareness.”

Sound of Doctrine – I stumbled across this blog yesterday and thought some of you would find it interesting. Austin C. Brown is “A Man With An MP3 Player And A Love For Theology.” He listens to tons of audio messages and then reviews them a little bit to help you find the best ones.

Yahoo, Yoga and Yours’ Truly – Al Mohler: “Well, you never know what a day holds. This morning, Yahoo put the Associated Press story about my article on yoga on its front page. The rest, as they say, is history. My mail servers are exhausted. Messages have been coming in at a rate of about a hundred an hour. The first lesson — count the cost when you talk about yoga. These people get bent out of shape fast.”

Thinking about Multi-site – This is an excellent article which points out one big gap in the multi-site approach to church. “Preaching is not just information delivery, nor even contextually-shaped information delivery based on the preacher’s knowledge of his people. It is an ongoing relationship, in which the pastor demonstrates the truth of his message by his own changed life, and in which the people not only listen to the pastor’s words but follow his example.”

Speak for Those Who Have No Voice – Ligonier is looking to enlist your help in a new campaign. On the anniversary of some important abortion-related dates, “Ligonier will send R.C. Sproul’s Twentieth Anniversary special edition of Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue (Reformation Trust Publishing, November 2010) to every Congressional representative. Will you help?”

MacArthur on Larry King – Every now and again I love to watch MacArthur on Larry King. I love how he stands for truth compared to all the other wishy-washy people who end up on panels with him.

Who delivered up Jesus to die? Not Judas, for money; not Pilate, for fear; not the Jews, for envy; but the Father, for love!

—Octavius Winslow

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