A La Carte (10/9)

1 in 4 Humans is Muslim
According to a new Pew study, just about 1 in 4 humans in the world is now Muslim. “There are a lot of interesting facts from the 62-page study. One example is that Russia has more Muslims than Jordon and Libya combined. Another is that the Pew Forum estimates the United States Muslim population to be only 2.5 million. That’s 4.5 million less than President Obama stated in his speech to the Muslim world at Cairo University this past June.”

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John Calvin: Myths and Urban Legends
“This year we Calvinists have been busy baking birthday cakes with 500 candles on them in honor of John Calvin whose influence has been noted, lamented or celebrated by figures as divergent as the sociologist and economist Max Weber, the journalist G. K. Chesterton and the novelist Marilynne Robinson. As a public service to all non-Calvinists, I have assembled a myth-busting primer on the Protestant Reformer.”

BibleMesh Beta
“Would you like to be able to view a free Christ-centered narrative walkthrough of the Bible by Tim Keller? Would you like to read hundreds of clear, concise, authoritative articles about the core story, doctrines, people, events and ideas of Scripture? Would you like to be able to take unbelievers and young believers through this content?” Then check out the link…

Touched By a Vampire
You knew it had to come–a Christian book about the Twilight series. “People around the world are asking the same question, enraptured with Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance in the Twilight Saga, a four-book serial phenomenon written by Stephenie Meyer. The bestsellers tell the story of a regular girl’s relationship with a vampire who has chosen to follow his “good” side. But the Saga isn’t just another fantasy-it’s teaching girls about love, sex, and purpose. With 48 million copies in print and a succession of upcoming blockbuster films, now is the time to ask the important question: Can vampires teach us about God’s plan for love?”

The Zorilla Test
This one’s for baseball fans only. But since Ben Zobrist has been mentioned a few times around this site, I thought I’d draw your attention to this article, arguing that last year he was one of the most valuable and underrated players in all of baseball.