A La Carte (11/11)

Friday November 11, 2005

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Du Jour: Kirk Wellum, a pastor who lives nearby (in Ancaster, where I grew up) has a thought-provoking little article entitled Al Qaeda “Takes Responsibility”.

Community Blog: Ron Gleason posts Part 2 of his series “Postmodernism & the Modern Church.”

Weird: Apparently upside-down Christmas trees are all the rage this year. Read about them at Foxnews. My opinion is that at least it’s better to have an upside down Christmas tree than an upside down cross.

Family: My son and daughter just had a fight about who gets to tell on the other one first. “No, I get to tell on you first!” No way! I’m telling on you first!” I told them I wasn’t interested in hearing from either one. I think that counts as abdicating my parental responsibilities. I’m telling on me!