A La Carte (11/12)

Matt Drudge and others have been writing a lot about the TSA’s new search procedures–procedures that seem designed on driving all of us through the full-body scanners (since, if you opt-out, you’ll be subjected to an invasive full-body pat down). I got patted down like this last time I went through security and it really was kind of disturbing–it was far more rough and thorough than any I’d been subjected to before. Like a lot of other travelers, these procedures really do make me think twice about flying. And every time I see the TSA thoroughly patting down a six year-old kid I figure that already the terrorists are starting to win.

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A Theology of Workflow – Matt Perman was interviewed by CT on productivity and workflow.

Radical – I appreciated Gary Gilley’s review of David Platt’s bestselling book Radical. I think he does a good job of pointing out its strengths and weaknesses.

Is Holy Hip-Hop Holy? – A lot of people will disagree with David’s take on this, but I think there’s real value in having the discussion. He says “I’m increasingly concerned about the increasing promotion of ‘Gospel Rap’ or ‘Holy Hip Hop’ in New Calvinist circles, even by men whom I admire and esteem very highly in the Lord.”

Win Winslow – The Octavius Winslow Archive is giving away a set of Winslow’s devotional classic Morning & Evening Thoughts.

Encouraging Missionaries This Holiday Season – “To Be A Pilgrim” has some good thoughts on how we can encourage missionaries this holiday season.

Blindness – I enjoyed this short film set to an instrumental version of ‘Nothing But the Blood’ by Page CXVI.

Idleness is the devil’s workshop, but so is busyness if, while we are busy here and there we fail in our main responsibility. –Vance Havner