A La Carte (11/15)

Tuesday November 15, 2005

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Spiritual Hygiene: Noel has an excellent idea of what to do with The Outdoor Bible. “If I win, I plan on taping its pages on the wall in my shower or making a shower-curtain out of them.” You can, of course, win the Bible right here.

Du Jour: Ingrid compares the final sermons of two young pastors, Robert Murray M’Cheyne (who died at age 30) and Kyle Lake (who died at age 33). Read it here. While on the subject of Kyle Lake, Paul Proctor pulls no punches in his most recent column.

Cool: Check out the high-tech but oh-so cool PocketMod. It’s a PDA for the rest of us. Is it just me or do they need to hire a professional hand model for that photograph on the main page?

Community Blog: Ron Gleason continues his series on Postmodernism & the Modern Church.