A La Carte (11/16)

The Prosperity Gospel
Canada’s The National Post featured an article this weekend on the prosperity gospel.

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Themelios 34.3
The Gospel Coalition just announced the release of the latest edition of Themelios. It’s mostly for smart people but there are some things there for the rest of us as well.

Rick Mercer’s Sleepover with Stephen Harper
This is something you probably wouldn’t ever see in the US–a journalist enjoying a sleepover at the Prime Minister’s house (or President’s house as the case may be). This is a pretty good example of the Canadian sense of humor in action.

The Murder of Madalyn Murry O’Hair
Phil Johnson linked to this rather interesting article which tells of the murder of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and her family.

Has Apple Blown Its Chance?
The tech-minded may enjoy this article in which Jim Jubak argues that Apple did not properly capitalize on the disaster that was Windows Vista. “If this is as good as it gets for Apple, the company has no one to blame but itself. The opportunity was there, and Apple didn’t exploit it as ruthlessly or as relentlessly as it needed to.”

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