A La Carte (April 28)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

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The FAQs: Anglican Group Calls on Church of England’s Leader to Repent

Joe Carter has one of his FAQs about what’s been happening lately with the Anglican Church.

What Does ‘Salvation” Mean?

“Almost no word so well captures the heart of the message of Scripture as does the word salvation. It appears more than 170 times in our English translations of the Old and New Testament. The related word, saved, appears approximately one hundred times throughout the pages of Scripture. But what is salvation? What does it mean for someone to be saved?” Nick Batzig answers.


June 28-29, 2023, with John MacArthur, Costi Hinn & others. Throughout Christian history, the fight for the clear true gospel has existed. Paul warned the Galatian church of a new “gospel” that was no gospel at all. Augustine, Luther, Jan Hus and many others down through history fought for the one true unadulterated gospel. As ambassadors of the gospel go to the ends of the earth, uppermost in the minds of their sending churches should be the question, “What gospel are they preaching?” (Sponsored Link)

Should You Accommodate A Person’s Requests?

“Christians are routinely pressured to compromise their convictions. Sadly, it’s other Christians who leverage a good-faith principle to achieve an unfair end. I want to encourage you, though. If you’re feeling pressured to accommodate a request from an LGBT person that violates your conscience, know that there’s a line you do not have to cross.”

God Delights in You

Lara considers our love for our children and the Father’s love for us.


There is a new issue of Themelios available in a variety of formats for those who would like to do some academic reading.

Flashback: Whatever Is Not Christ

When we come to Christ in repentance and faith, we surrender ourselves to the purpose of God and submit ourselves to the hand of God. We are the block of marble and he the artist, we the medium and he the one who must remove from it whatever is not Christ.

How…could God remain equally faithful to His love for us and His just judgment of our sins? The glory of the cross, its unimaginable wisdom lies in the way God has devised to provide salvation for His people. —Sinclair Ferguson