A La Carte (11/17)

Friday November 17, 2006

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Humor: Catherine Claire of “The Point,” Breakpoint’s blog, was inspired when she learned about the Joel Osteen board game. She came up with a list of “Top Ten Bad-Taste Christian Spin-Off Games I Hope I Never See.” My favorite: “Clue-How did the Apostle Paul die? Was it in King Agrippa’s drawing room with a noose or was it Nero with a Guillotine? Answers are waiting to be discovered in this game of mystery and intrigue.”

Video: The Apologetics Group is offering a new DVD that looks interesting. It is a debate about Evangelicals & Global Warming.

Celebrity: By now you know that O.J. Simpson is back. This article, while from a secular perspective, offers an interesting insight, I think. “So why does O.J. do it? Because collectively, we want him to.”

Du Jour: Joe Carter wants to change your mind.