A La Carte (11/19)

Monday November 19, 2007

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An Anthill on Which to Die
Russell Moore doesn’t blog often, but when he does you really need to make sure you read it. His latest effort, dealing with ants, is no exception.

Rick Altizer – Pop Symphonies
Rick Altizer’s latest Scripture memory album features “strings, horns, pianos, walls of guitars, stacks of vocals…think Beatles with Beach Boy harmonies and Queen/George Harrison guitar solos.” (HT: RF)

R.C.’s Resource Recommendations
R.C. Sproul has some resource recommendations for you.

Justice, Saudi Style
“A court in the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is punishing a female victim of gang rape with 200 lashes and six months in jail, a newspaper reported on Thursday.”

Interview with Steve Jeffery
Alex Chediak has a brief interview with one of the authors of “Pierced for our Transgressions.”