A La Carte (11/19)

Airport Security – This article takes a look at the unexpected costs of all the TSA is doing. “These days, the TSA’s major role appears to be to make plane trips more unpleasant. And by doing so, it’s encouraging people to take the considerably more dangerous option of traveling by road.”

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Victory for Tyndale House – The headline from WORLD pretty much sums it up: “Judge temporarily exempts the Christian book publisher from the HHS contraceptive mandate, allowing it to operate its business according to its beliefs.”

Charles and Andy Stanley – CNN has a long article about the falling out and later reconciliation between Charles Stanley and his son Andy.

Literal Word – This web site has a couple of helpful features. You can change the way the ESV text is formatted so it appears in three different ways (including a literary format that removes verse markings). The search also helpfully breaks down and charts the use of a word across the Bible (see here). It’s a site worth a bookmark!

Disability Says Ugly Things – This is a powerful testimony from the recent Desiring God conference on disability. Krista Horning compares what disability says to her and what God says to her.

Seeds Family Worship – Seeds Family Worship has released a new album that looks at the character of God. You can download one of the tracks by clicking on the link.

It is not great gifts that God blesses so much as it is great likeness to Christ. –Robert Murray McCheyne