On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is once more just about upon us, and by “us,” I mean “you” if you are American. I have written about this holiday and the Canadian equivalent several times over the years. Here are a few that you may find beneficial.

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A Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving – This is a beautiful prayer drawn from The Valley of Vision.

Tears at Thanksgiving – This was an excellent article by my mother. She expressed some thoughts on divorce and its awful ramifications on families.

Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving – Here is a story that illuminates the point that it is really only the privilege of the Christian to be thankful.

A Canadian Thanksgiving – I have a short history and celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada, as well as some additional thoughts on the theological importance of it.

A Thanksgiving Proclamation – The proclamation by Abraham Lincoln that made Thanksgiving a national holiday in the US.

Thanksgiving & The Appropriate Number of Prepositions – “While everyone likes to give thanks for things at Thanksgiving, what has often been lost is the fact that we do not merely give thanks, but give thanks to.” (There is some overlap between this and the “Canadian Thanksgiving” post above, but that’s often the way I do things around here–build on a theme over the years.)