A La Carte (1/12)

Friday January 12, 2007

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Technology: Netvibes is a great service to get yourself a completely customized start page on the web.

Debate: James White announces his debate subject and opponent for the Alpha & Omega conference in October. I hope to be at the debate and am looking forward to it already!

Marriage: A good article in Boundless discusses the importance of taking the first year off. (HT: Paul)

Church: Brian has found what he considers the most deplorable thing he has ever seen pushed by the health-and-wealth, name-it-and-claim-it quacks on television.

Blog: I thought this was neat: a group of pastors who, inspired by Together for the Gospel, began a local T4G group to provide fellowship.

Blog: Doug says that, when it comes to blogging, controversy creates clicks. And he’s dead on.

Science: This is just plain spooky.