A La Carte (1/13)

The Man With 400 Children
“[Kirk] Maxey, 51, happens to be one of the most prolific sperm donors in the country. Between 1980 and 1994, he donated at a Michigan clinic twice a week. He’s looked at the records of his donations, multiplied by the number of individual vials each donation produced, and estimated the success of each vial resulting in a pregnancy. By his own calculations, he concluded that he is the biological father of nearly 400 children, spread across the state and possibly the country.”

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God’s Grace to Technology
“A venerable British church has done what email addicts and workaholics have been doing for years – invoking the Almighty’s blessing on their high-tech gadgets. The Rev. Canon David Parrott blessed a symbolic heap of laptops and smartphones on the altar of London’s 17th-century St. Lawrence Jewry church Monday.” No comment!

9Marks eJournal
Thabiti provides a roundup of the content from the latest 9Marks Ministries eJournal.

Giving the Nook a Look
Dr. Mohler looks at Barnes & Noble’s Nook, their competitor to the Kindle in the growing e-book market. Here’s what he says: “I do like the Nook. It is good for Amazon to have competition for the Kindle. Do I think the Nook will displace the Kindle? No. Amazon has been at this longer and the Kindle is a really fine technology. Nevertheless, the Nook is really handsome and may over time reveal advantages not yet fully appreciated.”