A La Carte (11/30)

Wednesday November 30, 2005

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Politics: WorldNetDaily is reporting that Swedish pastor Ake Green has been acquitted of hate crime charges after condemning homosexuality.

Du Jour: Jacob Hantla, borrowing from Tim Irvin’s article which I posted the other day, lists blogs he feels are “consistently godlike in their tone, manner, and content.” I am flattered that this site made the list.

Community Blog: Ochuk posts a rather transparent and even controversial article in the Community Blog in which he reflects on a “blog war.”

Entertainment: Media watchdogs are crying foul over new video games that feature graphic scenes of cannibalism. Institute president David Walsh warned that “today’s games are ‘more extreme’ and more easily available to underage kids than ever before [and] cited increases of 3,000 percent in profanity and 800 percent in sexual content in M-rated games since the 1990s.”