A La Carte (11/30)

And another month draws to a close. I may have said something like this at the beginning of November (or October or September). But somehow it feels like the pace of life is accelerating, like time is just going by at a ridiculous rate. If you have figured out a way of slowing down time, do let me know.

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Touching Sensitive Areas (TSA) – Doug Wilson does a great job in this article. You may need a thesaurus. “If they were worried about terrorists, they would be looking for terrorists, and not for my nail clippers. Their procedures are risible, their hubris astounding, their reasons justifying that hubris minimal, and their folly incandescent.”

ESVs On Sale – For the next couple of days Westminster Books has all of their ESVs 45% off. That includes pew Bibles and the paperbacks that are great for handing out in large quantities.

A Bully Finds a Pulpit – This article from the New York Times points out one of Google’s major failings: it doesn’t distinguish between good press and bad press. Therefore either one can help people rise through the rankings. And that in turn means that some people will deliberately seek to generate bad buzz. Which, as you can appreciate, isn’t a good thing.

The Zuckerberg Revolution – This article offers some good thoughts on the printing press and social media. The author suggests that social media have increased the volume of our communications yet diminished the substance of them.

Pray! App – I haven’t had time to use it yet, but this app looks useful. It’s meant to be used in organizing prayer requests in a simple, logical, efficient way. I’m not nuts about using technology for things like this, but that’s preference more than law.

What I receive for my ministry is not a tenth of what I could readily earn in an engagement infinitely less laborious and harassing than my present position; although, be it added, I would not leave my ministry for ten thousand worlds. –C.H. Spurgeon