A La Carte (1/14)

Why Remembering Is Such a Big Deal
Z quotes David Powlison on why remembering is such a big deal in the Bible.

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Last Words
Over at 10MillionWords I wrote a review of George Carlin’s autobiography Last Words. “In the end, Carlin did not live long enough to finish his memoirs. Someone had to piece together his notes, fill in the relevant details, and send them out to the publisher. He died in 2008 at the age of 71. He went to stand before the God he denied, the God he despised (funny, isn’t it, how you can so despise someone you insist does not exist), the God he made a career out of mocking and belittling.”

I Am Not Who You Think I Am
Writing at CT, Katherine Jeffrey situates The Shack in the Christian literary landscape. It’s quite a good review.

Michael Oh On Reconciliation
“Michael Oh uses his own history of anger toward the Japanese to explain that reconciliation begins with a personal conviction of sin. As a Korean-American pastor and missionary to Japan, he has learned that we who are loved undeservedly must love unreservedly.”