A La Carte (11/9)

Into the Light – “A few years ago, a friend of mine was keeping a very serious temptation in the dark. His friends and his pastor often asked questions about things that didn’t line up, but instead of seeing those questions as evidence of God’s mercy at work in his life, my friend continued to hide. He denied any wrongdoing and skirted the pointed questions about his past.”

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Gettin’ Biblical – This blog is an interesting compilation of Bible-based art. Or, as the proprieter says, “Separating the Biblical design wheat from the Biblical design chaff.”

A Feminine Face – This writer for the Washington Post is surprised to find that many of today’s most ardent opponents of abortion are women–smart, articlulate and educated women, even.

Church History – Keith Mathison is beginning a new “recommended reading” series, this one dealing with church history.

Shining Shoes – It’s an art, don’t you know.

Second Chance – I don’t know anything about the organization, but this is an interesting little video.

God’s chief gift to those who seek him is himself. –E.B. Pusey