A La Carte (1/2)

Wednesday January 2, 2008

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A Review of My Book
Tim Irvin (one of the people who has been reading this site the longest) provides a kind and encouraging review of my book.

Train with Trill
Trillia of Trill Fitness wants to help you get fit this year. If getting fit is on your list of things to do, check in with Trillia.

Russell Moore’s Top Ten
Russell Moore comes through with a top ten list of the best books he read in ’07.

Alex Chediak has some thoughts about a new book called ReThink–a book rethinking the whole idea of student ministry.

Trevin’s Top Ten
Trevin Wax, who read at least 75 books last year, shares his top 10.

Reformation Heritage Blog
Reformation Heritage Books now has a blog deal with their books and others.