A La Carte (12/07)

Wednesday December 7, 2005

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Blogspotting: Jollyblogger gives me the rare opportunity to gloat and say, “I told you so!” But, of course, I wouldn’t do that.

Du Jour: Ben Witherington grabs those megachurches that cancelled services on Christmas Day, puts them over his knee, and gives them all a sound spanking. “What we are dealing with here are churches whose priorities are so askew that they somehow think it is more important for the church to serve the wants of the physical family than the other way around.”

Technology: For some reason I can’t imagine myself taking the time or paying good money to watch the World Cyber Games. “Throughout the week, some 55,000 people would drop by in person to watch the games, ask top-ranked players for autographs and snap photos of favorite gamers.”

Canadiana: Karla Homolka, who helped her husband kill three girls, was released after 12 years in prison and is now being given urestricted freedom despite being considered high risk to re-offend. It takes Quebec…