A La Carte (12/08)

Thursday December 8, 2005

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Blogging: I met this guy for the first time yesterday and had a very pleasant chat over a long lunch. He’s the real deal. I even got to experience someone making fun of his name (which he shares with Canada’s esteemed disgraced Prime Minister. A couple of years ago he wrote about it.

Reformation: Reformation Art provides “photographic quality reproductions of artwork from the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition.” They are now having a Christmas sale.

Du Jour: Dan writes a good article about cancelling church on Christmas Sunday, but I think he misses the horror of churches cancelling primarily because unbelievers are not interested in attending that day.

Du Jour Bonus: On Jesus Creed you’ll find another interesting article about Christmas Day services. Scot councels charity. But I believe he also misses the horror. And this is, I hope, all I will say about this issue.