A La Carte (12/1)

Friday December 1, 2006

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Church: Al Mohler looks at the credibility question. “The credibility crisis on the issue on homosexuality that really matters is the loss of credibility suffered by the church when it fails to tell the truth with love, recoils from homosexuals instead of reaching out with God’s love, and buries its head in the sand.”

Theology: Paul continues his excellent series on what to do when you disagree with another Christian.

Design: My fellow Canadians will be glad to know that the Sola Scriptura site has been freshly redesigned and relaunched (courtesy of yours truly).

Film: The Nativity Story isn’t doing so well with the reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, a site that collects links to reviews, gives it a mere 26% (meaning that only 26% of reviewers have reviewed it positively). “…the film has all the substance, visual appeal, and excitement of a Hallmark card.” “An effective pitch for Christianity as the dullest religion ever.” “There is more spirituality in Santa Clause III.”