A La Carte (12/16)

Friday December 16, 2005

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Du Jour: My new friend Paul has a thought-provoking article that calls for ” No More Youth Pastors!” Despite the title, it is not meant to discourage those in youth ministry.

Du Jour Bonus: Heartcry Journal features a letter written by “Kenny” who cries out to pastors with “a broken heart and desperation for God.”

Humor: This will bend your brain. And to allay your concerns, this is not one of those sites that catches you off guard with a screaming person. It’s just a mindbender (and a cool one at that).

Free: There are many who purchased Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth before the addition of the Study Guide. The Guide is now available as a free download from The Pearcey Report.

Humor Bonus: This is my kind of Christmas decoration.