A La Carte (12/18)

Multi-Site Churches
USA Today has an article about multi-site churches. “This form of high-efficiency evangelism allows thousands of worshipers to hear the same message from a lead pastor or a member of his team, in person or by video at three, five, even a dozen or more locations. Meanwhile, others take over the one-to-one side of ministry — counseling, ceremonies and small-group guidance.”

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Children’s Bible iPhone App
“BCNmultimedia today announced the release of the ‘Children’s Bible’ iPhone and iPod Touch application, a full color comic book rendition of bible stories from the Old and New Testaments of the World English Bible.” There is only one story that is free, but it’s quite well done.

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Only web designers will care about this. But they’ll definitely want to file it away as a useful resource.

Glory to God on High
Michael Krahn has written a song for Christmas and has it free for the taking on his blog.