A La Carte (1/22)

Get Outta My Face!
Rick Horne’s book Get Outta My Face!–How to Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel is available today only for just $8 from the link above. I reviewed it here.

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My Dad’s Message to Me on the Day He Died
Ray Ortlund shares his father’s final words for him.

How To Meditate on God’s Word
Stephen Altrogge: “According to our culture, meditation is the relaxation of the mind to the point where little or no thought occurs. But according to scripture, meditation is the increased focus of the mind with much deep thought occurring. The goal of secular meditation is to empty the mind, the goal of godly meditation is to fill the mind with God’s truth. To put it in a succinct definition, godly meditation is the practice of filling the mind with God’s word for the purpose of applying God’s word.” He offers some useful practical tips on meditation.

Can Joel Osteen Help You Pay Your Bills?
From CNN: “Joel Osteen strides into the former Compaq Center. Some 20,000 people are standing and singing. Purple lights softly pulse across the ceiling, and mist floats around two giant screens flashing words to the songs.”

Like an Electric Current
Kevin DeYoung: “‘Mugged by Ultrasound: Why So Many Abortion Workers Have Turned Pro-Life’, by David Daleiden and Jon Shields, is a gut-wrenching, disturbing, graphic account of the emotional trauma abortion wrecks on those who perform them.”

The Doctrine of Scripture
This interview, between Martin Downes and Greg Beale and dealing with the Doctrine of Scripture, is taken from Risking the Truth: Handling Error in the Church.